Capital Punishment

Well, seeing as how Van will be executed tomorrow, I thought I'd canvass some opinions.

If a society makes a choice to impose a punishment that we may view as harsh, or unwarranted, and that punishment is considered "wrong" by our own standards, should we seek to intervene? If we do so, are we imposing our values unfairly on others, or are there some things that no matter how "cultural" they may be, are just wrong (female circumsicion comes to mind as another example, or cannabalism, or even the Holocaust)?

Modelling - Models or Not?

Having recently spoken to friends about this, the thought occured to me: do actually models do more harm than good, as is often argued? Modelling is often blamed for the rise of eating disorders particularly and more generally an increase in superficiality and consumerism.

Usually, fashion models are under 30 and unreasonably skinny. Exceptions to this are just that: exceptions. By promoting images of women that do not conform to a social norm, especially when obesity is on the rise, are we actually doing harm to society? Does holding up a few examples as "perfect" result in eating disorders amongst teenage girls particularly? Or, is this more a product of the decline of "family values", thus meaning that young people adopt images of a norm that is unreasonable instead of comparing themselves to their parents and close friends? Or are there even more factors at work here?
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NT forced to accept Nuclear Waste

This morning, Brendan Nelson tabled legislation that would force the Northern Territory to become a nuclear waste dump. With the Government's numbers, this looks likely to pass. Now, there are a number of issues at stake here.
1: Do we need a nuclear waste dump, not having any reactors of our own? 2: Should we accept the waste of others?
3: Should the majority of Australians impose our wishes upon a Territory, which does not have the protection of a State parliament and is beholden to the Commonwealth?

Is terrorism warranted?

Is terrorism, defined as violence against so-called "soft targets", in most cases civilians, warranted? For example, during the American revolution, British "targets of opportunity", often citizen traders, were killed to further the cause of the revolution. And yet none disagree that self-rule was a worthy objective.

Were is the boundary between a guerilla war and terrorism? When is violence justified, and when is it not?

Unlawful Dismissal legislation discriminates against Queers?

The federal government's exclusion of gays and transgender people from a $4,000 payment to help workers who believe they have been unlawfully sacked is discriminatory and vindictive, a lobby group says.

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Does Howard have the right to withdraw legal aid for dismissal on these grounds? The argument goes that queers do not have to support a family, and thus do not have the same urgency for a job as a straight person does. Is this relevant, or not?
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my first post is something from my own lj, tht i found on one of my friends' ljs. i do not claim it as my own work, but i found it an interesting piece and something worth discussing, as it is a problem in our society that has not yet gone.

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there you go. read and tell me what you think. comments of the "gay people suck" nature will be ignored.


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