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Capital Punishment - The Light on the Hill

About Capital Punishment

Previous Entry Capital Punishment Dec. 1st, 2005 @ 08:55 pm
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Date:December 5th, 2005 03:57 am (UTC)
first thing that came to mind here was a discussion you and i had a while ago about our own government and stuff. your underlying principal was that no matter how bad you think some people's ideas are, one individual has no right to impose their beliefs and politics upon another. that one person is not in any position to tell people what is right or wrong, but this decision has to be made through a democratic system.

that works in a democratic country like australia, but what about utilitarian Indonesia? the people of indonesia hardly have the power or the information to make their own decision on the death penalty, so is it the role of another county to "intervene"? to be honest, i simply don't know. part of me is shouting, "no! absolutely not! that's just what america is doing and it's no different to forming an empire!". still, i do believe that the death penalty is wrong...

the other thing you seem to hold as a strong belief is that nobody is wrong. that every belief is right in its own circumstances and that no-one has the right to tell someone else that their opinion is wrong. if one is to take this concept seriously, surely one cannot endorse any forced cultural change to any country, no matter what one's personal opinions on the matter are. (i must mention here that i personally DO belief that there is an objective right and wrong, so this dilemma does not apply to my philosophy. it's just that you stated this as your belief, so i would think that YOUR answer to your question would have to be a decisive "no. we shouldn't intervene because it is implying that we know better than they do what is a just punishment".

i believe that the answer to this question lies in public awareness. i believe that if the indonesian people are given the information and background knowledge that their government does not provide, then they will have the power to make their own decisions on the matter, and intervention from australia will not be necessary. thus i believe that our role is not in changing the system, but in creating an environment through which the country's own people are able to act.

that was a rather inarticulate and messy way of putting things. hope it made some sort of sense...
Date:December 7th, 2005 07:02 pm (UTC)
It makes sense. If you replace "Indonesia" with "Singapore".
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