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The Light on the Hill

Australian Social Justice

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The Light on the Hill is an Australian community formed to discuss issues of society, politics, history, the justice system, and so on, on both a national and global scale. All are welcome to post topics for discussion, issues, and rants, regardless of your political affiliation.

The Light on the Hill, despite the name, is apolitical and neutral. The title was chosen by me because Curtin's speech, I think, reaches beyond politics to an aim that all can agree to, a more equitable society. Exactly what form that society will take, you tell us.

No flaming, hatespeech, or likewise will be tolerated. Thus, "Shoot the Greens", is not a valid topic for debate for obvious reasons. If you are seen to be only here to stir up people (not debate), then you will be banned and your posts removed. Additionally, no "1337speak" or similar, please, or StICky CaPS. This is very annoying to read, as well as detracting from what you are trying to say; if you cannot master the English language sufficiently to type a sentence, it is hard to take you seriously. Lastly, please make sure your posts have titles, and that these are relevant to the context. This makes it easier to reference posts and aids clarity.

The moderators will take care of tagging entries, please do not do this yourself. This is in the interests of better organisation. If you feel an entry has been mis-tagged, place a comment in that entry and a mod will address it.